About Us


  • Who We Are

    Tea and Conversations (T&C) is a tea lovers’ paradise, a place to reconnect with your loved ones over a cup of refreshing tea and mouth-watering comfort food.

  • What We Do

    From the most popular “Kadak Chai” to an exotic “Emerald Masala Tea”, we serve over 25 varieties of your favourite handcrafted teas and refreshments at our café. Our relaxed, yet raw and contemporary setting offers you a cool ambience to mingle with your friends and family over a cup of freshly brewed tea.

    At T&C, we also serve a wide range of comfort food to help you beat hunger. Our delectable burgers, tasty waffles, enticing pizzas and everyone’s favourite ‘Maggie’ leave you feeling yummilicious!

  • Our Mission

    To be the sought after Tea and comfort food chain in India and abroad, serving world’s finest beverages and exotic food at reasonable price.

  • The Journey So Far

    The determination of three friends, Kartik Momaya, Qureshi Zeeshan and Sainath Kashikedar, to make a difference in whatever they do gave birth to T&C. Post their graduation from the same college in 2012, they decided to start a business together. With no experience in any specific industry, they did a thorough research on suitable businesses that they can start with. In their quest to venture in the right business, they brainstormed for days to finally give shape to many of their raw ideas. It was then, the idea of a tea café was seeded, which took over 3 years of hard work, persistence and trust in each other to nurture the concept. And lay the foundation of T&C on March 14, 2016. Today, our tea café has evolved into a smooth business, which was once a mere vision of three young entrepreneurs.



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